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Girl - Boss

an ambition fueled by confidence in one's unwavering aptitude to change the world, and change oneself

Money & Kale 

have more in common than you'd think

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a curiosity to question convention fueled by an aspiration to vibrate higher

Hippy - Dippy


Hosted By Kate Yarbrough

& Ariana Luterman

Smiling Girl

Money & Kale have more in common than you’d think.

Beyond the resume and deeper than the glam insta post, we seek genuine conversations with visionaries to explore the mission that propelled them, the habits that guided them, and the wellness practices that got them where they are.

With college-girls Kate & Ari, hippy-dippy wellness meets girl-boss. We see the Green-ish categories of career and health as empowerment to the abundant life you deserve. A sunny day & picnic table — sit down with your best friends for an intimate conversation about money & kale.

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