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At Green-ish, we believe money & kale have more in common than you’d think.

Beyond the resume and deeper than the glam insta post, we seek genuine conversations with visionaries to explore the mission that propelled them, the habits that guided them, with reflection on the  roots that got them where they are. 

With college-girls Ariana & Kate, hippy-dippy wellness meets girl-boss to inspire our generation to start living life now. Through the stories of visionary leaders and change-makers, we plant the seeds that inspire our generation to form the habits and develop the mindset to grow themselves and the world around them. We see the Green-ish categories of career and health as empowerment to the abundant life you deserve. So grab a green juice and your coffee, & sit down with your best friends for an intimate conversation at the intersection of money & kale.


Hippy Dippy Wellness 

Girl Boss Entrepreneur

A Green-ish Life


A Green-ish Life